Third Age Learning in Burlington

Third Age Learning movement was established in France in 1973. The movement rapidly spread throughout Europe and arrived in Canada, in Sherbrooke PQ, in the late 1970’s.

Third Age Learning Burlington (3ALB) serves the 55+ community.

3ALB presents series of stimulating and enlightening presentations designed to appeal to a broad range of interests in the senior community. (Multiple research studies indicate that, for this community, preventing cognitive decline is perhaps the best strategy for aging well.)

Each series consists of 8 lectures offered over a period of 8 weeks. We currently offer a Fall and a Winter series, for a yearly total of 16 lectures.

Each weekly presentation consists of:

  1. An information-rich, entertaining, 45-minute presentation delivered by a subject matter expert, typically accompanied by slides or some other visual augmentation
  2. A 15-minute break and the opportunity to write a question for the presenter
  3. A Q&A session follows the break. Often as engaging as the prepared lecture, if not more so, the Q&A session can be lively, sometimes provocative, and always informative

We expect participants to gain enough information and contacts to follow up on their own – or with friends and family – if they find themselves fascinated by a brand new interest.

3ALB is an incorporated not-for-profit organization. We are independent and autonomous, but are active members of the province-wide association of Third Age Learning groups, Third Age Network (TAN).

Board of Directors
Chair / Treasurer / SecretaryMarjorie Dieterman
Past ChairMary-Ellen Heiman
TAN RepresentativeVito Volterra
Webmaster / RegistrationNancy Hubbard
Program ChairDoug Fraser
Program Committee
ChairDoug Fraser
Alan Baynton
Anne Clifton
Ivan Fernandez
 John Hyslop
Teri Kramer
Chris Mallion-Moore
 Lois McNally
 Bernice Pedreschi

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