Paddy Torsney

Paddy Torsney

A McGill University Business school graduate (1985), Paddy followed her interest in politics to a first job as the Premier’s receptionist. From there she worked in communications and research, in the private sector helping business deal with governments across the country, becoming an elected member of parliament for 12.3 years.  30 years old, female and part of the largest change in Canadian political history (205 new MPs out of 295 in the house after the 1993 election), Paddy saw how women and men could work effectively to change the processes around decision making and come up with the right policies in difficult times.   She’s a firm believer in women becoming more involved as elected members.  A government relations consultant, Paddy remains involved in her community and is Vice Chair of the United Way of Burlington-Hamilton’s 2011 campaign.


ID Event Name Duration Start Date
Town Hall, Queen’s Park, The Hill: Getting Women Involved in Canadian Politics Full Day March 1, 2012

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