Stephanie Ross

Stephanie Ross

Associate Professor School of Labour Studies McMaster University

Stephanie Ross is Associate Professor in the School of Labour Studies at McMaster University. Her teaching and research focus on the politics and dynamics of labour movements, especially how unions deal with key questions of internal democracy, bargaining priorities, political vision and strategy, and collective identity. She is most concerned with strategies to renew the power of working people’s organizations and the new forms of organizing taking place across the labour movement. She is currently the principal investigator on a five-year research project called Union Politics in the 21st Century, which seeks to understand the most effective strategies unions are using to influence public policy and improve workers’ lives. She has co-edited three books, Rethinking the Politics of Labour in Canada, Public Sector Unions in the Age of Austerity, and Labour Under Attack: Anti-Unionism in Canada. Her latest book, Building a Better World: An Introduction to the Labour Movement in Canada (4th ed), was published in early 2023. She was the founding president of the Canadian Association for Work and Labour Studies between 2013-2018 and is a member of the Board of the Workers’ Arts and Heritage Centre in Hamilton.



ID Event Name Duration Start Date
Unions on the Upsurge? Taking Stock of the Labour Movement in the post-COVID era 2 Hours November 16, 2023

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