Tӱs Theijsmeijer

Tӱs Theijsmeijer

Head of Natural Lands Royal Botanical Gardens

Tӱs Theijsmeijer is originally born in Hamilton, living in the Westdale region until the age of five, and as a result visited the Royal Botanical Gardens many times as a young child. The attraction to water, and the associated environmental decline shaped his future. Tӱs obtained a B.Sc. from the University of Guelph (1994) and a M.Sc. from McMaster University (1999). After working for a period at the Great Lakes Lab for Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences in Burlington, he returned to the RBG in 1997 as a staff ecologist joining the ecological restoration team. Since 2008 he has been the Head of Natural lands at the Garden’s. Tӱs currently lives in Greensville upstream of Cootes Paradise on the banks of Spencer Creek, is married and has two children. Much of his work has been focused on the restoration of the RBG’s 300 ha. of coastal marshes, particularly Cootes Paradise Marsh and the surrounding forest. As a result he has authored numerous reports and papers on the subject, and more importantly made substantial progress towards the recovery and sustainability of these properties.



ID Event Name Duration Start Date
Lake Ontario’s Coastal Marshes featuring Cootes Paradise Marsh -52 Weeks October 12, 2023

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