Gravitational Waves: how tiny ripples are changing our view of the universe



Dr. Laura Parker
Department of Physics & Astronomy. McMaster University


January 17, 2019 - 12:00 am


A revolution in physics and astronomy is underway. Since long before we had telescopes, people have studied objects in the night sky by looking at the light they emit. With the first direct detection of gravitational waves in 2016 a whole new window onto the Universe has opened. The detection of these waves confirms a fundamental prediction of Einstein’s theory of gravity and allows us to study events that would otherwise be invisible. In the years to come we can expect many more such detections, from the most extreme events in the Universe. In this talk I will describe the first detection of gravitational waves and the incredible collaboration, instrumentation, and analysis that enabled it. I will also highlight some of the exciting things to expect for this field in the years to come.

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